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It’s always about the beginning, getting started, right!  Founded by Dawn Wilson, a recovering alcoholic, UNbar was born out of some of the challenges she faced early in her own recovery. 


“My story isn’t unlike thousands of others.  We’re taught in treatment

that we must change only everything in order to obtain and maintain our sobriety.  I was certainly willing to do whatever it took to be free

from the craziness my life had become and so I did what I was told

and embraced the journey – I was even excited about it.  Newly out of treatment, though, the reality set in.  Truth was, I was on my own to

figure out some pretty major stuff - like how to LIVE, just on a

day-to-day basis.  I had no sober friends, no idea what to do with all my new-found time, no real direction.  So, I isolated – a dangerous place

for an addict trying to sustain recovery – but I just had no clue how to

re-engage the world without alcohol, let alone have FUN. 

Life seemed small and I felt an overwhelming sense of deprivation. 

That was about the time I stumbled into fitness, thanks to a donated treadmill.  Pretty soon I was feeling healthier, stronger, more empowered and accomplished.  So, I took another leap, setting aside all my insecurities, and joined a small community-centered gym. They were accepting, uplifting and encouraging.  We came together in and outside of the gym in

healthy ways, we socialized, we KNEW each other. 

And that was it.  That was IT!  That was the connection, engagement

and support I longed for. I was finally able to live ACTIVELY and, in turn, ACTIVELY work my recovery. It was transformative! 

And so began the idea of bringing the recovery community and the fitness community together to help bolster long-term recovery! 

Along this 8 year journey, I’ve found many things to be incredibly helpful and healing – music, art, writing – but most of all connection, fellowship, 

and COMMUNITY.  I don’t know how else to say it, it just works!” 



Join us, support us!  We are breaking down barriers, bringing people together, having conversations and creating impact. We are a group that is actively engaged in life, in our recovery, in our health, in our community!  We are strong together – we grow together, and our growth is our strength.  It’s simple, a stronger recovery community means a stronger community for us all.  We love, we support, we carry the message that recovery is possible, and we share ourselves with others through giving. It all works – we hope you join us and lend your support as we change both the narrative and the face of addiction and recovery!


I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized,

I am somebody.

Please help us fund our mission!

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