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Service to others is also a key component to our continued well-being and has a profound effect on the world.  Those in recovery find purpose through these actions and a renewed sense of self-worth related to giving back. UNbar is committed to engaging within the larger community as a means to carry the message to those still suffering and others through community service activities.  Charles Dickens wrote “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another”.  UNbar believes that giving back to our community allows us all to experience the healing joy and spiritual growth that comes with doing good work for others.

It's just good stuff!


We engage within the community through a number of service driven initiatives, limited only by our imagination!


Homeless Outreach

Food Pantry Outreach

Partner to Provide Community Meals

Rally for Recovery




Give your hands to serve and 

your hearts to love.

Please help us change lives!

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