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UNbar is a safe, judgment-free, supportive place to come together and get active in your recovery.  Tens of thousands of Ohioans receive treatment for addiction each year and it’s imperative that supplemental resources be available and accessible to those coming out of treatment and the recovery community as a whole.  It’s essential to bridging the gap between early sobriety and long-term recovery. 

Open Gym

Daily Fitness Classes

Offsite Activities (Kayak, anyone?)

Group Sports

Nutrition Workshops

Further, studies show that people who engage in exercise experience a reduction in cravings associated with addiction, a decrease in negative reactivity to stress and an increased ability to cope, naturally improved positive moods and mental state, a decrease in depression and anxiety symptomatology, and an overall improved quality of life – all important predictors of sustained recovery.


Working together to build a healthy body, strong mind, full spirit!

Please help us build strength & health in the community!

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