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UNbar recognizes that we all have a story and it's helpful to own and express those stories utilizing a variety of creative media in support of personal growth and to carry the message of recovery.  We seek to introduce new methods for our members to express themselves in both individual and collaborative settings.  Through fun and creative activities, we expose our members to solutions that help them release past traumas, express their hope for the future or simply engage socially with their support network.


Audio Journaling

Songwriting / Recording

Coffee & Canvas

Creative Writing Workshops   


At UNbar, we also understand that the need to enjoy fun experiences and engage in positive social events is critical to living a more balanced life.  Those newly sober find themselves in a state of consistent and ongoing change, often experiencing feelings of deprivation related to giving up alcohol or drugs. The good news is that with time and the appropriate resources, people can find a path of recovery that offers them a full, fun, productive and meaningful life that includes feelings of great wealth – critical elements that work to bolster long-term recovery.  At UNbar we enjoy normal social events without the threat of exposure to drugs and alcohol - it's imperative to success and reduces the risk of relapse in what may otherwise be triggering environments.

Live Music Performance​s

Comedy Nights

Jam Sessions / Open Mic Night

OSU Football Sober Parties

Trivia Tournaments name just a few.  Fun, right!



Addiction hates exposure.

Recovery demands it.

End the silence. End the shame.

Stigma costs lives.

Please help us change lives!


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