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In short, this community works through serving one another. There simply is no substitute for peer-to-peer support.

As people transition from clinical treatment settings, a new community of support has proved essential to their success.  Similarly, continued support is beneficial to those who have established time in recovery.  The goal of UNbar is to build strength within the recovery community around common interests, activities, and experiences. Through programs that foster positive and pro-social relationships, strong interpersonal skills, spiritual growth, and physical health, members are equipped with tools to reassert a sense of hope in the future – for themselves and the collective group.  

12-Step & Other Group Support

Operation B.R.A.V.O.

(Building Recovery & Veteran Opportunities)


(Building Leader Advocates for Sober Teens)

Saturday Recovery Community Dinners

We understand how important it is to step outside of "self". We foster accountability and growth in the context of both the individual as well as the collective group. For our community to thrive we must be healthy individuals working together for the common good!  


Broken people like you and me

can rescue

Broken people like you and me

Please help us inspire others & create change!

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